Linear Antenna Array Synthesizer (LAAS)

Linear Antenna Array Synthesizer (LAAS) is a software developed to synthesize linear antenna array patterns. Java programming language is used to implement LAAS. Swing is also employed for its user interface development. Synthesizing is converted into a general optimization problem and classical differential evolution (DE) algorithm is embedded into the LAAS. Overall system of LAAS is based a modular mechanism by exploiting object-oriented structure of Java. It has a special masking mechanism of both inner and outer masks. The mechanism is extremely flexible in terms of starting, stopping, number of points, level, and weight. Once the optimization is started by the user, the user interface of LAAS is not locked since optimization and interface management tasks are handled in different threads. The antenna array pattern and optimization convergence curve can be observed in real time during the optimization process is carrying on. JFreeChart is used to display this plots. Both graphics can be exported as in scalable vector graphics and PNG format. Array parameters, outer mask, inner mask, DE algorithm and messages also have their panes separately. There is another utility section for recording the present configuration of LAAS to use later.

In this web site you can download LAAS software. You can find it in executable file format for Windows operating system. If you want a runnable JAR file for LAAS, it is also ready to download. If you want to analyze and modify the source code of LAAS, you can access its link at web site. All kind of information about LAAS can be found in the documentation page. Screenshots section is prepared to give some clue about the LAAS. If you prefer visual and audible tutorials, you can visit the videos page.